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"In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, while Condi Rice shopped for pricey Ferragamo shoes in New York and Dick Cheney R&Red in Wyoming, local hip-hop promoter Jeremy Kaplan put a plan into action. The 22-year-old and his Winged Lion Pride crew teamed up with Simplefly Productions for a fundraising event to benefit a specific community down South, rather than a large-scale charity organization. What they came up with was Mississippi Love, a night of dope beats, a silent auction and live performances designed to bring folk together to help those suffering in the disaster's wake. With acts like Hollertronix and MC Squared taking the stage pro bono and Tragos Lounge donating the use of their space, cash raised at the door, bar and through the auction will go toward providing residents of Gulfport, Miss., food and medical supplies. If only FEMA could organize so quickly. (Paul Farber)"  

Philadelphia Weekly, September 2005

>> 9.18.05

MISSISSIPPI LOVE: Katrina Relief Fundraiser



>> Featuring Music by:

Low Budget
MC Squared
Filmore Brown
Mellow Veneer
Curly Locks & More

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